Hott-Wire Snow Melt Systems Warm up the Cold Spots

Featured Product from Heatizon Systems

Heatizon Hott-Wire MI Cables are tough yet manufactured to easily bend for installation ease. Our MI snow melt cable has a high density polyethylene protective jacket and made from all inorganic materials so it will not degrade.

Heatizon offers extensive technical support for our customers to aid in the entire installation process as well as professional design support and services. We want our customers to feel comfortable with the product and the installation producing a positive experience throughout the entire process. At Heatizon we always design systems to meet the specs of the application at hand using ASHRAE standards, experience developed, and time tested techniques, Heatizon Systems will outperform and outlast the competition.

While it is easy to see the applications this may have at home, snow melting is also very useful for businesses and organizations seeking to protect their clientele and avoid costly lawsuits. Slip and fall injuries cost businesses millions each year. This risk can be reduced with a snow melting system.


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