Atmospheric Single Drum Dryers

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Atmospheric Single Drum Dryers
With applicator rolls, useful for drying high viscosity liquids or pasty materials. Appropriate for potatoes, starches, gelatin, adhesives, and synthetic resins. Rolls create dry product sheets uniform in thickness and density that require minimal dusting.


  • Drum dryers convert viscous liquids and pastes into dry powders, flakes, or sheets
  • Standard atmospheric model consists of a single heated drum supported on trunnions that turn in journal or roller type bearings
  • Feed materials are applied to drum with splash or dip devices, or with applicator rolls
  • Heat conducted through the drum wall evaporates moisture from wet product film during partial revolution of drum
  • Single layer applications dry to a lacy sheet or flake
  • Multiple layer applications dry to uniform thickness and density with minimum dusting
  • Can be equipped with "satellite" applicator rolls spaced around periphery of drum to eliminate void areas, permitting drying between successive layers of fresh material, and forming thick consistent product sheets gradually
  • Mechanical support skids are available for single drum dryers



  • Standard sizes as large as 60" x 192" with 251 square feet of drying surface
  • Includes liquid or paste feed and adjustable knife
  • Contains long-life roller bearings, compact hollow-bore gear drives, and fully automatic drum and roll gap control
  • Turnkey system comprises pre-concentrating evaporators, PLC controls, drum temperature regulation, mezzanines, size reduction, sifters, and mechanical or pneumatic conveyors
  • Five (5) independently driven "satellite" applicator rolls available
  • Screw conveyor option available



  • Dryer reduces drying process to one smooth operation
  • Self-cleaning drum ensures 100% of product is dried and recovered
  • Linear actuators, transducers, and PLC provide closed loop feedback for dynamic on-the-fly positioning
  • Auto gap control option eliminates need for manual adjustment of drum and roller gap


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