Plate Processing Systems

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Plate Evaporator
Plate Processing Systems are used for evaporating, desolventizing, devolatilizing and stripping solvents from viscous and heat-and-shear sensitive materials. Patented plate design assures high turbulence and high heat transfer rates. High levels of concentration can be obtained for a wide range of materials.

Evaporation, Distillation & Separation
Evaporator is the descriptive name generally given to process equipment used to remove liquid by vaporization. The feed material may be a single liquid, liquid mixture, solutions or slurries, or any combination of these. Heat applied through some form or heat transfer surface is used to produce the vaporization. The concentrated product, as discharged, is still in fluid, pump-able form.
Distillation is the descriptive name generally given to process equipment used to separate a liquid mixture into separate components via vaporization and condensation. Buflovak designs systems using distillation in applications such as solvent recovery, product purification, solvent drying, VOC steam stripping, alcohol recovery, purification, and others. Our designs are determined through our years of engineering experience, process simulation and pilot testing.

Buflovak / P-K
At Buflovak / P-K Process, we specialize in innovative, technology–driven solutions for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste treatment, metals and glass industries. We are one of only a few worldwide offering product research and testing, the design and engineering of process equipment and systems, and manufacturing of complex one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind equipment and systems all at a single location. Buflovak LLC consists of specialized operating groups: Buflovak Rotating and Vacuum Thermal Process Equipment Group; Buflovak Separation Technology