Vacuum Shelf Dryers

Featured Product from Hebeler Process Solutions

Best for materials that require uniform low temperature drying but do not permit agitation. Well-suited for pharmaceutical, food, pepsin, fine chemical, and other industrial products. Can be configured in standard or customized sizes.


  • Available in two configurations - square (rectangular) and round
  • Highly effective for batch drying a wide variety of materials that require uniform, low-temperature drying without agitation
  • Material is dried in pans or perforated trays placed on heated shelves of dryer
  • Steam or other heating medium used to provide desired operating temperature
  • Delicate, heat-sensitive materials can be dried safely at low drying temperatures
  • Products are protected from oxidation and atmospheric contamination due to operation in a vacuum
  • Released solvents can be easily recovered
  • Doors may be equipped with double gaskets to protect against contamination
  • Space between gaskets is evacuated by separate pump
  • Maximum vacuum is quickly attained
  • Sterile air is introduced into space between gaskets as added precaution
  • Pans are replaced quickly to permit change of product without contamination
  • Dryers can be configured in standard or customized sizes
  • Mechanical support skids are available for vacuum shelf dryers