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Laird Multilayer Ferrite Chip Power Inductors

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Inductors are mainly used to clean differential noise, store electric energy, and stabilize power and performance. Now you can do it better with Laird’s Multilayer Power Inductors. Laird Steward brand inductors, also called coils or reactors, are passive electrical components which resist the changes in electrical current that pass through them. They can be used in combination with capacitors, which complement the function of inductors, to form LC filters that can separate the required signals from unwanted ones.  Also, voltage regulating converters are stabilized when used in combination with inductors that can store magnetic energy, capacitors that can store electric energy, and a switch. Core materials, types of windings, and geometry play critical roles in power inductor performance. Laird Steward is well known by technology teams around the world for designing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance signal integrity and noise filtering solutions.

Laird Steward’s inductor catalogue includes multilayer power inductors, wire-wound surface mount inductors, and molded surface mount inductors for power and signal lines – each designed to perform and maximize signal and power efficiency while saving space.

The Multilayer Power Inductors preserve performance over broad frequencies. They are robust, small-sized structures that allow for higher mounting density. These inductors are made of a low-loss magnetic material which allows parts to perform at low DC Resistance (DCR) with high reliability under DC loading. The CPI0603 multilayer ferrite chip power inductors offer a wide range of inductance, low DCR, and 20% tolerance. Additionally, these inductors are RoHS and REACH compliant, and lead-free.