Bel Fuse 0ZCN PTC Fuses

Featured Product from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

Heilind Electronics, a global distributor of electronic components, has expanded its line of Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection products with the 0ZCN Series of surface mount resettable positive temperature coefficient (PTC) fuses.

The 0ZCN Series 2016 Chip PTC is designed using polymeric materials containing conductive filler bonded between two conductive, planar terminations. When a tripped resistance is reached, the fuse will reset only after power to the circuit is removed, the fault is cleared, and power is reapplied to the circuit. This unique reset ability protects electronic equipment from overload, thus eliminating the need for service personnel to physically replace a fuse.

These PTC devices are used in a wide variety of industrial, computer, battery, consumer electronics, telecom and automotive applications. Because they protect valuable electronic systems, the fuses help to reduce warranty and services costs.

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