Molex OTS Squba Discrete Cable Assemblies

Featured Product from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

Heilind Electronics, a leading global distributor of electronic components and the largest authorized distributor for Molex in the Americas, has expanded its selection of interconnect solutions with the company’s off-the-shelf (OTS) Squba discrete wire cable assemblies.

Squba wire-to-wire cable assemblies are designed to accommodate small spaces and provide protection against liquid, dust and dirt. In addition, their IP67 rating ensures a reliable connection even in wet conditions. Available in a variety of cable lengths to facilitate both prototyping and global production, the assemblies are utilized in commercial vehicle, consumer, industrial and medical markets.

Squba terminals can support up to 5.0 A of power with 22 AWG wire, challenging the traditional rule of increasing wire gauges with higher current ratings.

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