TE Connectivity's CoolSplice Connectors

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TE Connectivity's (TE) CoolSplice connector portfolio has been expanded to include connectors suitable for larger wire sizes. All CoolSplice connectors allow for push button termination using a common pair of pliers. Both wires are terminated independently for ease of use. This feature allows for factory pre-termination of one wire and field termination of the second during installation. All CoolSplice connectors offer a gel-filled sealed version of the standard product, extending the use of CoolSplice connectors into harsh environment applications. The design includes a clear body material for visual inspection of the termination that helps to distinguish between the standard and sealed product. Red, yellow and blue color coded termination buttons take the guess work out of matching wire size to the appropriate connector.


Features & Benefits

  • Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires with insulation displacement technology (IDC)
  • Enable a waterproof solution with an IP rated splice
  • Easy factory or field installation using independent left and right side push button termination
  • Flexibility in multi-pair termination design with stacking feature



  • Lighting, Signs & Displays
  • Other



Indoor lighting fixtures, wiring harness field repairs, outdoor lighting for roadways, outdoor lighting for bridges, outdoor lighting for tunnels, commercial refrigeration lighting, display and cabinet lighting, lighting in furniture, security and alarm systems, audio speaker connections


Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information


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  • 2213600-7 (IDT WIRE SPLICE, SEALED 12/14 TO 12/14 AWG)
  • 2213600-8 (IDT WIRE SPLICE, SEALED 16/18 TO 16/18 AWG)