Autodisconnect Clutch: High Torque, Bidirectional

Product Announcement from Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc.

Autodisconnect Clutch: High Torque, Bidirectional-Image

The AD-Series Tiny-Clutches combine the high torque capacity of a spring clutch with a bidirectional free wheeling output.

The AD-Series Tiny-Clutch allows the input to drive one way and leaves the output free in both directions. When Torque is applied to the input hub the clutch engages and the output sleeve is driven. When torque is removed from the input the output may then freely rotate in either direction. The AD-Series is suited for use in applications such as, coil winding, spool winding, film drives or any similar application requiring an automatically free wheeling clutch.

The AD-Series Tiny-Clutch consists of a sleeve and drum assembly, a fixed hub, a driven hub, a spring and a collar. The collar fits over and has slight drag on the fixed hub, it also engages a tang on the spring that connects the input and the output side of the clutch. When the input is turned it forces the spring to wrap down on the output drum due to the drag between the collar and the fixed hub. In this condition the clutch will drive. When torque is removed from the input, the spring is free to relax and unwind, thus decoupling the input from the output.

Available Bore-Inch Bore-Metric Max.  
Clutches Min. Max. Min. Max. Torque Notes
AD50 1/8" 5/16" 3mm 8mm 15in/lbs Knurled or Plain Drum
AD93 5/16" 3/8" 8mm 10mm 60in/lbs 3-Hole Hub
AD93SL 5/16" 3/8" 8mm 10mm 60in/lbs Knurled or Plain Drum
AD100A 3/8" 1/2" 10mm 13mm 250in/lbs 3-Hole Hub
AD100B 3/8" 1/2" 10mm 13mm 250in/lbs Knurled or Plain Drum
AD200A 3/8" 5/8" 10mm 16mm 350in/lbs 3-Hole Hub
AD200B 9/16" 1 1/8" 15mm 28mm 350in/lbs 4-Hole Hub