Helander Overrunning Spring Clutch -- SP50-3

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Helander Overrunning Spring Clutch -- SP50-3-Image

Overrunning Spring Clutch

In its simplest form the spring clutch functions as an overrunning clutch. It drives one way and slips upon reversal; the output is free to overrun the input. It can also be used as a one-way indexing clutch or a backstopping clutch.

Basic Spring Clutch Principle

The basic wrap spring clutch consists of three parts: an input hub, an output hub, and a spring. The inside diameter of the spring is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the two hubs. When the parts are assembled and one hub is rotated in the direction that the spring is wound, the spring wraps down tightly on both hubs causing the clutch to drive. The greater the force the tighter the spring grips the hubs. When the rotation is reversed, the spring loosens its grip and slips. In the free direction there is slight drag caused by the spring being slightly smaller than the drums. This friction can be used to create a non adjustable torque limiter as well.

Special and custom sizes are available.

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Clutch Specifications

Torque1.2 Ft-lbs
EngagementWrap Spring

Physical Characteristics

MountingThrough (optional feature); Shaft - VPulley (optional feature)
AttachmentSet Screw
Diameter0.84 inch
Length1.06 inch
Weight0.0 lbs
FeaturesBidirectional (optional feature)
Bore Diameter0.1880 to 0.1900 inch