Magnetic Clutch: High Torque + Easy Control

Product Announcement from Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc.

Magnetic Clutch: High Torque + Easy Control-Image

The M Series Tiny Clutch combines the high torque capacity of a spring clutch with the convenience and control of a conventional electric clutch. It is controlled by a coaxial D.C. Solenoid which consumes a mere 2.5 Watts of power. Size for size, this results in up to 5 times more torque capacity than a conventional electric clutch. Either the hub or shaft can be the input or output member. Clutches are available in either clockwise or counterclockwise drive.

Magnetic Clutch Operating Principle:

The M Series Tiny Clutch functions like a standard wrap spring clutch but with the added feature of an electromagnetic coil that controls a tang on the spring. The spring fits loosely over two adjacent drums. One end of the spring is anchored to the hub, while a tang on the other end is fastened to the floating control armature. The stationary coil housing is anchored to a fixed point using the slotted torque arm.

When the coil is de-energized, the hub and shaft are free to rotate independently. When the coil is energized, the control armature is attracted to and adheres to the shaft hub flange, causing the spring to wrap down. The hubs are now coupled together and the clutch transmits torque. The slight magnetic force is used only to maintain a tightly wrapped spring.

Magnetic Clutch Mounting:

Tiny-Clutch M-Series units may be mounted for either R.H. or L.H. drive. M-Series Clutches are available as either shaft or hub input. They are typically secured to the shaft with a set screw. They may also engage a pin in the shaft.

The M-Series units should be mounted so that a stationary pin engages the slot in the torque arm. It is important that the torque arm is not firmly screwed down but allowed to float, as this may prevent the clutch from operating normally. We can provide a variety of adapter hubs made to your specifications to adapt our clutch to your application. Metric bores and special sizes are available.

Special Sizes & Bores Available:

  • We will design and build special or modified clutches using stock components and production tools.
  • Clutches can be supplied with gears, sprockets, etc.
  • Complete mechanical assemblies consisting of clutch, shaft and adjacent parts may be supplied.

Contact us during your design phase & we will help you choose the right Electromagnetic Clutch for your application!