Inrush Current Limiter

Featured Product from Hengda Electronic Factory

•The working principle
This inrush current limiter is to limit the strong current impact from the toroidal transformer or the motor switching machine by using the high resistance value of the NTC thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient in the cold state. As the working temperature increases, the resistance The value gradually decreases and is close to zero, and does not affect the normal operation of the toroidal transformer or motor.
•Structure and Function
The inrush current limiter is a device for avoiding frequent tripping of the circuit breaker under the impact of a strong current, including a enclosure structure, a contact, a connecting plate and an NTC thermistor; and a heat dissipation hole is provided on the front and back surfaces of the outer casing structure. An isolation column is arranged at four corner positions of the outer casing structure to increase the gap between the protection device and the circuit breaker to facilitate heat dissipation of the device. The inrush current limiter reduces the impact of strong inrush current from the toroidal transformer and the AC motor at the moment of on and off, and can effectively limit the tripping of the circuit breaker due to excessive inrush current, so that the circuit breaker can effectively protect the safe and reliable operation of the circuit.
•Notice to
1.A inrush current limiter can only limit the inrush current from a toroidal transformer or motor.
2.The normal working current of the  must not exceed the rated current.
3.The interval between equipment access and power off shall not be less than 2min.
Mod. MF72-1.5D-11, Current/Restance 5A/1.5Ω, Rated Power Max. 600W
Mod. MF72-2.5D-15, Current/Restance 7A/2.5Ω, Rated Power not less than 600W, not exceeding than 1000W
Mod. MF73T-1 5/12, Current/Restance 12A/5Ω, Rated Power not less than 1000W, not exceeding than 1600W
Mod. MF73T-1 7/15, Current/Restance 15A/7Ω, Rated Power not less than 1600W, not exceeding than 2400W
Mod. MF73T-1 2/23, Current/Restance 23A/2Ω, Rated Power not less than 2400W, not exceeding than 4000W