Power amplifier toroidal transformer

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Power amplifier toroidal transformer-Image

Model: HDV-500-GO              Power: 500VA
Input voltage: 220V  red         Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output: 30V+30V blue green 12V+12V yellow gry
ODM&OEM: accept                Place of Origin:Sichuan, China
Application:Amplifier and audio equipment

product features
1.The primary of transformer(100VA and below 100VA)has temperature thermal fuse above 100VA,the primary adding self recovery temperature thermal fuse,ensure the safety of the transformer;
2.We have certificates such as UL,CE,RoHS,CESI,ISO9001 and so on;
3.The center hole is fixed (above 300VA has auxiliary lock edge hole),which is convenient for the user to intall.The label users laser printing,beautiful and environmental friendly;
4.With double shielding technology,1.5mm thick iron shell with Epoxy resin encapsulation.Compared with normal tranformers,electronmagnetic interference and electronmagnetic noise can be reduced by more then 90%;The sealing shell is not restricted by the mould,and the shape dimension is arbitrarilty adjusted to meet the customer's personalized.