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High-Performance MZ6 Series PTC Thermistors

Featured Product from Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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MZ6 Series PTC Thermistor

*Small dimensions + mechanical stability 
*Fast response
*Temperature-resistance characteristics tailored to the application in question

General Characteristics
Advantageous values: Rated response temperature
TREF 60°C to 190°C, in each case in increments of 10K

 Customized designs
Design K – customized - variations/additions possible upon request:
*Color coding
*Cable insulation material or cable cross-section 
*Cable-end assembly 
*Connection technology
*Dielectric strength of the insulation(e.g. suitable for installation in Class II applications)

Installation and functions
Where possible, the PTCs are to be inserted parallel to the coil. As a result, when shaping the coil ends, the mechanical stress of the PTCs is minimised. In so doing, the KYNAR shrink cap is highly suited to this purpose due to its mechanical stability (no cold flow in contrast to Teflon). In connection with the minia-ture pill (Ø 1.9 mm) response times of 5 to 10 seconds (max.) are achieved depending on the version.


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