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Surface preparation: Technical Webinar
We are hosting a Technical Expert Talks and we will be discussing the impact surface preparation has on adhesive performance. 
An electronic adhesive’s ability to properly wet and flow across circuit assembly substrates is linked directly to the surface energy of the substrates. Substrate surface energy can be drastically impacted by the substrate’s manufacturing process, supply chain, storage, handling and surface cleaning or preparation.

Date:  September 29th, 2021

Time:  11:00 EST

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You will come away with:

1. The impact various substrate preparation methods have on substrate surface energy

2.  The effect surface energy has on an electronic adhesive's ability to flow and adhere

3.   Henkel's portfolio overview of solutions

BTG Labs, Bill Buschle, Manager of Applicaitons Development
Henkel Corporation, Douglas Katze, Defense & Space Market Sr. Manager

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