Conformal EMI Shielding Material

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Coating Capability
LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S achieves uniform top and sidewall coating for all the spray parameters tested
o Spray speed and flow rate have significant effect on coating thickness and are the key parameters to
adjust the coating thickness
o 5-10um uniform coating can be achieved by adjusting flow rate and spray speed

Material Robustness
LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S shows 8 hours opening time. No significant adhesion drop was observed after 8
hours open time
LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S has no filler settlement in the cartridge and shows consistent performance for
the whole cartridge without stirring.

Adhesion and EMI Shielding Performance
All the LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S parts tested show good adhesion and reliability performance
LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S shows equal or better EMI performance than sputtering at both 1GHz and 5GHz.

Webinar: EMI Shielding Solutions for Semiconductor Packages>>>Download slides

Package Level EMI Shielding
Conductive adhesive solutions for effective shielding
Henkel’s specialized materials, designed to be applied at the package level, have optimal properties and characteristics that provide reliable shielding and adhesion performance in stressful electronic conditions and environments.

Our compartmental shielding materials portfolio showcases adaptable designs for internal component-to-component shielding with in-package partition, while our conformal shielding materials provide for external package-to-package shielding with an outer coating layer.

Henkel’s flexible material formulations not only mean more reliability and greater functionality, but ensure innovations that deliver more scalable processes, higher production throughput (UPH) and a lower cost of implementation for EMI shielding solutions.

Resources for Package Level EMI Shielding

Brochure: Package Level EMI Shielding for Semiconductor Packages 



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