PoE Simplifies Remote Device Powering

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Power Over Ethernet Switches, PoE Simplifies Remote Device Powering

No Running Seperate Power Lines for PoE Compliant Devices

Industrial PoE Switches
Henrich's PoE switches offer a quick and inexpensive way to power network devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points or other appliances in areas where it's physically impossible or cost prohibitive to supply electric power. Henrich only offers full 30 W PoE+ power on each port. We are experts at PoE as shown by our HES28GM-24E series, with 24 gigabit copper ports with full PoE+ on each port. That’s 960 watts of power provided by the switch. Power your devices with our industrial PoE switches today

Industrial Ethernet 
Ethernet Switches
Browse our large variety of durable, tough, and high quality industrial Ethernet switches here at Henrich Inc. Choose from unmanaged, managed, PoE, and many other options created to help optimize the most out of your industrial network. We work with many different industries, creating products that best suits their needs. Having trouble finding the right switch? Give us a call at (860) 487-9869 and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.


Henrich--Your trusted partner for Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Founded in Storrs, CT., USA, Henrich Corporation has been helping customers across the globe to manage their industrial automation systems with rugged and secured Ethernet Networking Products in various industries, such as power utilities, transportation, oil and gas, factory automation, remote monitoring, etc. Working with world-leading suppliers, Henrich's team focuses on designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing a full range of customer-specific products and services. Always keeping up with the technology trend changes, we ensure that you are working with a trusted partner and one-stop shop for all your needs in industrial Ethernet products and services.