Logistics and Total Service Support

Product Announcement from Henrob Corp.

Logistics and Total Service Support-Image

An extensive global network of Henrob companies, distributors and agents provides comprehensive local service and support. A proactive approach to customer support ensures a reliable supply of product and service. Henrob's logistic support services can include:

  • Vendor-managed inventory and JIT programs to monitor demand and supply of fasteners and spare parts direct to the production line.
  • Total support packages, embracing on and off-site preventative maintenance of HSPR equipment, including on-going operator training programs.

These packages are tailored to each customer's needs and would typically be managed by a locally-based team. The cost of this service can be included in the fastener price and can even be fixed for the life of a product. This allows up-front accounting of annual running costs, while eliminating paperwork and administrative functions, allowing the customer to focus on its core competencies.