Thin-Film Temperature Sensors & Micro Heaters

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Heraeus Nexensos — High-Performance Thin-Film Temperature Sensors & Micro Heaters

As the world's market & technology leader in Platinum Temperature Sensor Elements, Heraeus Nexensos combines expertise in materials science, design, engineering, and manufacturing to deliver high-quality, high-performance thin-film sensors and micro-heaters to our customers in key industries, including electric, hybrid & internal combustion vehicles, test & laboratory instrumentation, biotech/life sciences, temperature, pressure & flow control, appliances/white goods, aerospace/defense/security, and electronics. Available products include thin-film Pt temperature sensors, SMD temperature sensors for power electronic modules, high-temperature (1000 °C max.) exhaust gas temperature sensors, micro-heaters for fast fluid evaporation, and custom sensors based upon thin-film technology.