New Heating Technology for Composites Layup

Featured Product from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

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humm3TM is our breakthrough technology and represents a step change in heating Automated Fibre Placement (AFP). It offers a flexible, controllable heat solution for rapid lay-up thermosets, dry fibre and thermoplastics, with three programmable parameters. For AFP manufacturers, the choice is no longer limited to laser, infrared or hot gas. Heraeus Noblelight’s new technology is a sophisticated pulsed light solution which delivers uniform, highly controllable heat to the nip point area, over a wide range of temperatures.

To increase wider industry access to advanced composites manufacturing, Addcomposites’ plug-n-produce platform, the AFP-XS, is now in operation at Compositadour and recently completed successful trials using Heraeus’ humm3 heating technology.