UV surface disinfection of food packaging

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UV surface disinfection of food packaging

With BlueLight® Hygienic System, you get the best out of different worlds. First, the smart hygienic design with its guaranteed high killing rate gives germs no chance: it kills microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds within seconds using intense UV light.

It has a significantly higher output than conventional low pressure lamp systems. And if you compare it to medium pressure lamp systems, you’ll save an unbelievable amount of energy - up to 90%!

VIDEO- The Natural Germ Killer.

UVC disinfection of food packaging materials and surfaces by log stages

UV disinfection process

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BlueLight® IS DIFFERENT. Compared to:

  • Low pressure lamp systems: Higher UV intensity, IP66, hygienic design
  • Medium pressure lamp systems: Reduced CO2footprint, no water cooling, high energy efficiency of 29%, cold radiation, low investment costs
  • Flash lamp systems: Low investment costs
  • H2O2systems: No use of chemicals
  • UV LED systems: Higher UV efficiency at lower costs
  • Water cooled systems: Air cooled system for easier and better maintenance