Gas-catalytic Infrared Systems from Single Source

Featured Product from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Powder coatings on metal, wood, gypsum or MDF boards profit from gas-catalytic infrared heat. Alone, as a booster or in combination with hot-air or electrical infrared ovens: gas-catalytic infrared systems optimise heat processes. They are a real alternative, especially if there already is a gas supply installation.

It's worthwhile to talk to the application specialist right from the outset – for your new plant or to optimise your existing heat process!

  • Plant concept design
  • Realistic tests
  • Design
  • Construction of complete oven systems, including control system and conveyor system – application engineering on request
  • Assembly, installation and commissioning on site
  • Service and maintenance on site

Take a look at the video to find out how gas catalytic infrared systems work and which advantages they offer compared to coventional infrared systems.

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