Spotlight Infrared Emitters Heat Very Small Areas

Featured Product from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

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Processes such as deburring, welding or riveting require high-intensity heat in very small areas, which are sometimes difficult to access. In contrast to conventional heat sources, the spotlight infrared emits heat via the light guide exactly where it is needed. Shortwave infrared emitters respond in seconds and so only have to be switched on when the heat is needed. Because the optical fiber itself remains cold, sensitive materials in the environment are not damaged. The infrared radiation is available at the end of the light guide for heat processes, just at the right point, with high intensity, but without complicated focusing systems or elaborate safety precautions, as a laser would require.  


  • Infrared radiation for very small areas 
  • Light guide targets infrared radiation even to spots which are difficult to access                                                       
  • High intensity without complicated reflector systems 
  • Ideally suited for deburring, welding or riveting of very small parts 

Technical Data 

  • Short wave infrared emitter 
  • Heated areas of about   2-5mm diameter of light guide
  • Up to 500kW/m² 
  • Response times within seconds