1000+ Autoclave Cycles without a Hermetic Failure

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Hermetic Solutions Group's unique ceramic-to-metal sealing technology produces a very reliable hermetic seal for both DC connectors and sight windows. Our specialized polycrystalline ceramic, Kryoflex, produces rugged seal that easily withstands the extremes in temperature and humidity characteristic of the repeated autoclave cycles necessary to ensure surgical and endoscope components remain sterile for each use.

Hermetic Solutions Group manufactures custom connectors and windows for re-usable medical devices and has successfully worked with many leading device manufactures to deliver new levels of reliability. From prototype to full run production, Hermetic Solutions Group's integrated manufacturing approach means we manage every step in the process - machining, plating, sealing, assembly, testing - at a single location. This approach allows our customers to reduce complexities and mitigate the risk associated with managing multiple vendors. Contact us and learn how we can help you on your next project.