Precision Laser Cutting & Welding Services

Service Detail from Qnnect, formerly Hermetic Solutions Group

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The Hermetic Solutions Group is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality hermetic environment for the welding and sealing of your high reliability electronic packages. To ensure your components are fully protected, we have an ISO Class 7 cleanroom environment equipped with state-of the-art laser welding and sealing systems and testing centers.

From flat sheet stock to tube based material, the Hermetic Solutions Group can laser cut and/or laser drill your parts with precision. Whether you need a medical tube or lid for your electronic housing, our laser cutting and drilling services can meet your needs. Laser cutting allows for the fabrication of intricate shapes/designs without the need for mechanical force or over heating of your parts. When dealing with thin material such as medical tubing and/or devices, any mechanical force or over heating can cause material distortion and laser cutting minimizes these risks. Our lasers can cut up to 0.060″ thick material.