Copper Diamond Composite Die Tab Materials

Featured Product from Hermetic Solutions Group

DiaCool is easily adaptable to customer specific designs and is a cost-effective solution to increase the long-term reliability of power, RF, laser, and any applications where thermal management is vital to long term reliability.

Our DiaCool copper diamond composite materials for high-performance thermal management applications exhibit a CTE of 7-9 ppm and thermal conductivity in the 425-475W/mK range. The material is manufactured in a ‘sandwich’ style structure with the composite material located between layers of pure copper metal. The material can be fabricated to deliver an Ra of <0.8μm and a flatness of <50μm. Stock material is available in core thicknesses of 1, 2 and 3mm. DiaCool has an elastic modulus: 230 ±15 GPa and flexural strength: 220 strength: 220 ±10 MPa.