Hermetic Harsh Environment Rectangular Connectors

Featured Product from Hermetic Solutions Group

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The Hermetic Solutions Group's rectangular DC connectors are manufactured to customer specifications and are available in a range of styles including:

These connectors are designed for aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel applications and, depending on style, are available in 9 to 51 pin configurations. The Hermetic Solution Group uses its Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic sealing technology to ensure leak rates of less than 1 x 10-9 cc/sec HE at one atmospheric differential pressure. The uniquely-controlled CTE characteristics, chemical bonding properties and polycrystalline structure of Kryoflex, allow the Hermetic Solution Group to manufacture these hermetic connectors with 304L stainless steel shells and gold-plated, beryllium-copper contacts for excellent electrical performance and environmental characteristics.