Hermetic Packaging for GaAs Applications

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Titanium is the material of choice for housings because of its commercial availability along with its characteristics that allow for conventional machining and low-density attributes. Titanium's CTE is compatible with direct attachment of aluminum oxide and gallium arsenide electronic circuitry. Titanium is 300% stiffer than aluminum and can is hermetic with walls as thin as .010". This means an existing aluminum package can be redesigned to be stiffer, lighter weight, more reliable, and better thermally by integrating the Hermetic Solutions Group's titanium composite technology. Titanium is compatible with both resistance and laser welding processes for flexibility in connector integration and cover sealing.

Titanium is an ideal material for electronic packages, even though it has low thermal dissipation characteristics. By utilizing our titanium composite packaging technology (incorporating Mo/Cu or AlSiC composite heat sinks) that characteristic becomes a non-issue. During the initial design phase, the electronic circuitry is mapped against the housing floor where hot spots are readily identified. The Mo/Cu or AlSiC composite heat sinks are then metallurgically bonded only at the locations where the housing comes into contact with the high-power devices. This limited use of the heat sink material minimizes the overall mass of the package.