Micro-D: Maximum Performance and Hermetic

Featured Product from Hermetic Solutions Group

For applications where weight is a key consideration, PA&E now manufactures an aluminum Micro-D connector that's approximately 67% lighter than stainless steel alternatives.

The latest innovation in the Hermetic Solutions Group's Micro-D connector line leverages High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) technology. The Hermetic Solutions Group's newest Micro-D connector's external interface resembles a standard rectangular connector, with rows of sockets providing an electrical connection. In this new, patent-pending design, however, the external sockets are mated to a specially engineered HTCC board (that integrates metalized circuit patterns), rather than traditional pins.

The Hermetic Solutions Group also offers a non-magnetic Micro-D option for use in harsh environments where superior hermetic integrity and non-magnetic characteristics are crucial to a component's design. The connector's shell is comprised of titanium and Inconel because this metal combination delivers the strength, expansion coefficients and low magnetic permeability required.

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