Hertz:3 Stage Air Cooled Starting Air Compressors

Product Announcement from Hertz Kompressoren

Hertz:3 Stage Air Cooled Starting Air Compressors -Image

3 Stage Air Cooled Starting Air Compressors from Hertz

110.0 – 200.7 m3/min, 40 bar l W - 166


  • Lowest compression temperatures.
  • Better air quality due to mounted separator after each stage. 
  • Reduced installation costs for the yard per ship.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for the ship owner.
  • Corrosion and impact resistant composite canopy for acoustic insulation and better cooling performance even in harsh conditions up to 60º C.
  • Operation of compressors independant from central CW system.
  • High reliability due to not having a  water cooling system.
  • Maintenance intervals of at least 2000 operation hours for the compressor valves even when standard motor oil is used.
  • Reliable and safe to operate also at an ambient temperature of up to 60º C.
  • Directly assembled fan and oil pump to the crankshaft.

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With an increasing demand for low-maintenance machines used in international shipping, our 3-stage principle has the general advantage of the air-cooled system giving increased compressor capacities.

With the division of the pressure ratio in 3 stages, considerably reduces compression temperatures giving lower energy consumption and longer servicing intervals.

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