golf trolley lithium battery12V-22Ah

Product Announcement from Heter Electronics Group Co., Ltd.




Nominal voltage 12V

Typical capacity 22Ah At 0.2C discharge rate

Minimum capacity 21Ah

Size?L*W*H? 168*128*105mm

Weight 3.0±0.1Kg

Max continuous discharge current 30A

Over current protection 90±10A 20ms

Discharge cut-off voltage 10V Over discharge protection (recommended value) 9.6-10V

Charge voltage 14.6±0.1V Charge mode: CC/CV

Charge current 5A Use a constant current, constant voltage(CC/CV) lithium-ion (Li+) battery charge controller.

Inner resistance ≤40 mΩ Between positive and negative polar of discharge port

Operation temperature range Charge: 0?+45?

Discharge: -20?+65?

Storage temperature range 0?~40? at half charged state Recommended long-term storage temperature is 15~25?

Storage environment humidity RH: 65±20%

Environment humidity ≤85%RH

Shell material ABS