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Our products hold your products together.-Image

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Hi-Performance Fastening Systems: More Than Just a Fastener Supplier

Hi-Performance Fastening Systems
Hi-Performance Fastening Systems (HPFS) was established in 1989 as a leading manufacturer of specialty and proprietary cold headed fasteners serving the Distribution, Heavy Truck, Tiered Automotive, Agriculture, Lawn & Garden, Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Construction, Renewable Energy and Off-Road / Emergency Vehicle markets. Hi-Performance Fastening Systems is ISO 9001:2008 Certified in the manufacture and supply of cold headed fasteners. With our wide range of capabilities, internal engineering services, external direct sales and application field support, indirect or direct end user support and an internal sales team dedicated in total customer satisfaction, you can put your trust in the HPFS team to help you with your cold headed specialty fastener requirements.

Hi-Performance Fastening Systems is focused on manufacturing and supplying only the highest level of quality products our customers have grown to expect, delivered on time. We take great pride in that we are completely focused and driven in continual improvement in all areas and departments of Hi-Performance Fastening Systems. We have been very successful in positioning ourselves for growth through added capabilities, increased capacity, additional product offerings, utilization of best practices, as well as remaining extremely agile and flexible in an ever changing, customer driven market. Come join us and grow with Hi-Performance Fastening Systems, where our products hold your products together.


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