Genuine Viton® Fluorocarbon

Product Announcement from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

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O-Rings Made with Genuine Viton®

Viton® fluorocarbon provides excellent fuel and chemical resistance.

Standard service temperature:

-26°C to +204°C

-15°F to +400°F

Hi-Tech Seals stocks 75 and 90 durometer Genuine Viton® O-rings in AS-568 sizes 001 thru 475.

Request a quote today. Hi-Tech Seals has a $50 purchase order minimum.

Viton® O-Rings Kits

Viton® O-ring kits are excellent for field or shop maintenance. View the kit content:

Viton® 75 Durometer Kit - PN KIT V75

Viton® 90 Durometer Kit - PN KIT V90

Viton® BOSS 90 Duro. Kit - PN KIT ORBV

Viton® ORS 90 Duro. Kit - PN KIT ORSV90

Low Temperature?

Low Temperature Viton® O-rings are available for service down to -40°C/-40°F.

Custom Shapes

Hi-Tech Seals also supplies Genuine Viton® in O-ring cord and custom shapes.

Contact Hi-Tech Seals for all your Genuine Viton® needs.