Otis/Baker Vee Packing

Product Announcement from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Otis/Baker Vee Packing-Image

Hi-Tech Seals offers Baker and Otis vee packing for blowout preventers and wireline equipment. Vee packing is available in Kevlar reinforced Nitrile, Fluorocarbon, and Aflas™, as well as, Ryton and Molyglass PTFE plastics.

Material and Temperature

Nitrile/Kevlar 149°C

Fluorocarbon/Kevlar 177°C

Aflas™/Kevlar 204°C

Highly Saturated Nitrile/Kevlar 160°C

Ryton 204°C

Molyglass/PTFE 204°C

Hi-Tech Seals also offers BOP and Wireline sealing products such as O-rings, Back-up Rings, T-Seals, Poly seals/Poly-o Seals, Door Seals, Large Bore Piston Seals, Inner/Outer BOP Seals, Stuffing Box Packing, Packoff Oil Savers, G Style Packoff Elements and A3 Elements.