HPA Cobalt 6B for use in food processing equipment

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"After reviewing the information provided, we find that you cobalt alloy is expected to be resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and its components will not migrate significantly to food. Further, in the past, we have stated that we do not object to the use of Cobalt alloys in food processing equipment. We find no reason to alter this opinion, based on the information you have provided. Therefore, we have no objection to the use of your cobalt alloy in food-contact processing equipment."

-Dept of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration

HPA COBALT alloy 6BH Wear Resistant (Co-Cr-W) (UNS R30016)Wear Resistant (Co-Cr-W)

Chemistry of AMS 5894. This material surpasses 6K with better ductility, with the same good hardness.

HPA COBALT alloy 6B H is the same composition of Cobalt 6B, except the material is hot rolled and then age hardened. The direct age-hardening after hot rolling provides the maximum hardness and wear resistance. The advantages this creates are increased wear life, retained edge characteristics, and increased hardness. These properties are in addition to the galling and seizing resistance of the regular Cobalt 6B.

Cobalt 6B H is known in the industry as a metal that retains its cutting edge. The economic advantages are in its long wear time, less down time, and fewer replacements.

 Steam turbine erosion shields, Chain saw guide bars, High temperature bearings, Furnace fan blades, Valve stems, Food processing equipment, Needle valves, Centrifuge liners, Hot extrusion dies, Forming dies, Nozzles, Extruder screws, & many other Misc. wear surfaces.

Applications for alloy 6BH also include tile making machines, rock crushing rollers and cement and steel mill equipment. Alloy 6BH is well suited for valve parts, pump plungers

Wrought alloy 6BH offers the fatigue resistance and toughness of a hot worked microstructure, with the heat corrosion and wear resistance of cobalt based alloy. High Performance Alloys, Inc. inventories sheet, and plate. Bar is can be produced 1/2" through 2-1/2" diameter. Bar can be supplied in random lengths or cut to order. Sheet and plate are offered as whole plates, can be abrasive cut, or processed further using waterjet services.