Pulley & Sprocket Torque Transducers

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MCRT® 3120TA & 31200T pulley torque transducers are used to measure and control the torque, speed and power of belt and chain driven machinery. Applications include compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, gear boxes, etc.

They are available in six full scale ranges from 50 lbf-in to 1,500 lbf-in, with 250% overload capacity (200% for the 1,500 lbf-in range). Noise free rotary transformers provide non-contact coupling to the stator. The strain gages and torsion element are fatigue rated. All versions are hardened to noise from adjustable speed drives.

Although normally supplied without pulleys, S. Himmelstein and Company can, at extra cost, machine and install customer furnished pulleys. Pulleys and sprockets are easily removed and reinstalled in the field.

These models require strain gage, AC carrier style amplifier with capable of providing 3 - 6 volts rms at 3 kHz ±10%.

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