Bearingless Digital Torque Flange

Featured Product from S. Himmelstein & Company

MCRT®84000V Torque Transducers output shaft torque with 0.01% resolution. Digital, Analog and FM formats are simultaneously available. Torque range capacities are from 500 to 100,000 lbf-in (56.5 Nm to 11,300 Nm). Industries highest overload and overrange ratings assure safety and accuracy even when the driveline has high peak to average torque ratios. Important features include non-critical installation, temperature data, max/min capture and absence of manual adjustments

Range, scaling, calibration and null data are stored in rotor nonvolatile memory and transferred to the stator during startup. That assures accuracy, without re-calibration, if rotors and stators are replaced or intermixed. Bi-polar, rotor shunt cal can be enabled with stator switches, logic I/O or, via the Com Port. Choose from ten units of measure without re-calibrating. When you re-calibrate, earlier calibrations are archived. Eleven selectable Bessel data filters avoid overshoot errors and delay distortion.

Multiple bridges sense torque and provide immunity to extraneous loads. The radial torque path yields short length, unsurpassed torsional stiffness and deflection resulting in the highest installed system response. The torquemeter attaches to your drive without an additional coupling. The result is low overhung moment, short length and minimal installed space. Himmelstein has made similar, radial path sensors for decades including automotive torque wheels, pulley torquemeters and chassis roll torque sensors.

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