Dual Range Digital Torque Transducers

Product Announcement from S. Himmelstein & Company

The MCRT® 79700V Series of Dual Range Digital Torque Transducers from S. Himmelstein and Company will accurately measure low running and high load torque without the cost and inconvenience of swapping two or more conventional torque sensors.

Another important application is measuring torque when the ratio of peak torque to average torque is high. In that situation, a conventional torquemeter must be oversized to avoid damage – a process which greatly reduces accuracy. Conditions that create high peak to average ratios include starting, stopping or reversing inertial loads, torsional oscillations, and diesel and single cylinder engine/compressor drives. Additionally, when peak torques are unknown, an MCRT® 79700V reduces the risk of damage from unexpected or accidental torque spikes.

These Dual Range Torquemeters have a LOW range that is 20% of its' HIGH range. Three simultaneous analog outputs can be individually set to 5 or 10 volts at each range full scale. Overrange is 150% to 300% and mechanical overload is 200% of the HIGH range and 1,000% of the LOW range. Digital output of torque, and speed and power with option Z, is available over the resident RS232 serial port. Included software interfaces with Windows based PC's for data display and collection as well as instrument setup.