5 ways to get the most from materials analyzers

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5 ways our training helps you get the most from your materials analyzer

hen you purchase an OES, XRF, LIBS or TA instrument from us, you’ll be offered a range of training options to help you become familiar with your new analyzer. You can choose the location and content of the training courses to suit your timescales, budget, and how familiar you’re with analysis for your application.

However, the training content is more than just an introduction to your new analyzer, which is why you can benefit from it even if you’re familiar with analysis and have experience with other instruments. Here’s five ways our training can help you.

What you can expect from your training

The specific level of training will depend on your needs and you’re your own choice what you go with. However, the focus of all our training is based on the following:

  1. Accurate and reliable analysis results

Our OES, XRF, LIBS and TA analyzers are used for a wide range of applications, including in the lab, in production and when out in-field. They’re often used for process control, hazardous substance identification, quality control and for positive material identification but there’s more applications than we’ve listed here.

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