Optical emission spectroscopy -best choice for MIM

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Why optical emission spectroscopy is the best choice for metal injection molding quality control

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Metal injection molding – or MIM – is a technique that has been widely used since the 1970s. In the metal injection molding process parts are made by fusing together metal powder which allows very dense and complex shapes to be created with little waste. Its popularity lies in the ability to make very strong and intricate parts that are ideal for high-performance applications such as artificial joints, dental implants and the components of jet engines. 

As with all other manufacturing techniques, quality control is essential to ensure that you continue to produce high quality parts for your customers. In metal injection molding, the composition of the metal powder that is used to form the parts directly affects the composition and performance of the finished parts. OES is a highly sensitive technique that is favoured for the most demanding applications where accuracy is essential. Read the guide to learn more about how OES can be used in your MIM process.