Want to introduce recycled plastic in production?

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Ask an expert: How can we introduce recycled plastic in our production?

When choosing analytical equipment to support your high-quality production, you need a supplier you can rely on. Both in terms of providing reliable equipment and experts, who can answer your questions and work with you to make sure you are using the right techniques for what you’re looking to achieve. We’ve been working in close collaboration with customers for their materials analysis needs for 50 years across a range of different industries, developing customized testing methodologies for hundreds of industrial applications. Our applications and product experts are always on-hand to work with you to on how we can best meet your analysis challenges. 

Recently we had a customer who works in the polymers industry ask us the following question:

We want to introduce recycled plastic in our production. How can we make sure we are using the right raw materials?

We put this question to our thermal analysis product manager Olivier Savard, who was very happy to explain some of the techniques and instruments that would be best suited to working with recycled plastic and maintaining high quality standards.

Olivier gives a brief answer to this question in the video below and introduces a few of our instruments that help with qualifying materials and determining contaminants and additives levels.

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