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Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science expands its range of coating analyzers.  Designed to play a key role in production quality control, the FT series coatings analysers measure a wide range of applications in the metal finishing and electronics markets. The FT110A and FT160 series offer new solutions to measuring large parts with complex geometry and measuring ultra-thin coatings on small features.  Both instruments are benchtop EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) analysers with powerful software and hardware designed to deliver high sample throughput, with quality results achieved by any operator.   


The powerful, high sensitivity analytical components make it possible to measure coating thickness and composition in seconds.


X-ray fluorescence is a non-destructive process leaving no mark. It’s safe for sensitive materials and the used sample doesn’t need to be discarded.


The automated features in the FT110A mean you can prepare and process samples faster, increasing your throughput.


The FT110A can analyse up to four coating layers plus the substrate. Coatings and bulk materials such as metal alloys or bath solutions can be measured using fundamental parameters (FP) or empirical calibrations.


Training is simple and anyone can operate the FT110A. Just set the sample on the stage, specify the measurement area with the user-friendly interface, and start recording readings. The user interface is configurable to show only the functions needed for daily operation.


Measurement methods meet standards ISO 3497, ASTM B568 and DIN 50987.