High Performance Linear Motors

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High Performance Linear Motors 
An overview of the different types of linear motors available, including their principles of operation,history of development of permanent magnets, design methods for linear motors and industrial sectors using each type of linear motor.

Linear Motor Technology
Linear Motor Technology can be: Linear Induction Motors (LIM) or Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors (PMLSM). PMLSM can be iron core or ironless.
All motors are available in flat or tubular configuration. Hiwin has been at the forefront of linear motor design and manufacturing for 20 years.

1.1 Advantages of Linear Motors
A linear motor is used to provide linear motion, i.e., moving a given payload at a dictated acceleration,speed,travel distance and accuracy. All motion technologies other than linear motor driven are some sort of mechanical drive to convert rotary motion into linear motion. Such motion systems are driven by ball screws, belts or rack and pinion. The service life of all these drives is highly dependent upon the wear of the mechanical components used to convert rotary motion into linear motion and is relatively short. The main advantage of linear motors is to provide linear motion without any mechanical system because air is the transmission medium, therefore linear motors are essentially frictionless drives, providing theoretically unlimited service life. Because no mechanical parts are used to produce linear motion,very high accelerations are speeds are possible where other drives such as ball screws, belts or rack and pinion will encounter serious limitations...... More.....

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