Hoffer Supplies Flow Measurement for US Navy

Featured Product from Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

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Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. has been selected by the US Navy to supply flow measurement systems for their new DDG-1000 Class, USS Zumwalt destroyers.  These unusual looking ships are newly designed and a bigger, lighter and stealthier than any destroyer ever built.

Hoffer’s flow solution includes critical cooling flow measurement systems which consist of 4” HO turbine flowmeters paired with Hoffer CAT3 electronics. Their job is to measure chilled water for critical cooling systems onboard ship. The flow measurement system provides a linearity of +/-0.1% of reading and meets MIL requirements for shock and vibration.

Hoffer Flow Controls has a long history of providing high quality, highly accurate turbine flow meter systems to the Navy and other area’s of the USA defense and aerospace industries. For more information please contact us.

http://www.hofferflow.com or Tel 1-800-628-4584 or 1-252-331-1997