Hoffman Revolution R03, R05, R07

Product Announcement from Hoffman-Lamson

Hoffman Revolution R03, R05, R07-Image

The Hoffman™ Revolution™ is a high speed centrifugal blower, designed as the world's most advanced blower energy management system. It is the first high speed centrifugal in its class designed, built, and tested in the Unites States. The Revolution™ is truly breakthrough technology that takes performance and power savings to new heights of efficiency, reliability and control. The precise performance window and range of the unit will vary depending on the flow/pressure combination, jobsite conditions, and the application itself.

Model R03
Max Flow: 5,100 CFM
Max Pressure: 22 PSIG

Model R05
Max Flow: 6,800 CFM
Max Pressure: 15 PSIG

Model R07
Max Flow: 9,800 CFM
Max Pressure: 13 PSIG