FMA Series - Small Footprint Digital Force Sensor

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FMA Series - Small Footprint Digital Force Sensor -Image

The FMA Series are designed to meet the customer’s need for a compensated, amplified force sensor which provides digital outputs, a variety of force sensing ranges, a small, cost-effective format, and enhanced durability and accuracy. The flexible design provides multiple standard configurations over a wide operating temperature range.



  • Multiple force ranges allow the customer to choose the force range to maximize sensitivity and improve system resolution/performance.
  • Smaller package allows for space constrained applications. 
  • Robust design provides enhanced durability in applications where overforce may exist.
  • Enhanced accuracy includes all errors due to force non-linearity, force hysteresis, and non-repeatability. 
  • Reduced Total Error Band enhances system performance.
  • Digital output enhances performance through reduced conversion requirements and the convenience of direct interface to microprocessors. SPI- or I2C-compatible digital output.
  • Diagnostic functions allow the user to determine if the sensor is working correctly by detecting if electrical paths are broken or shorted inside the sensor.
  • Selectable supply voltages provide customers with design flexibility. 



  • Small form factor: 5 mm x 5 mm [0.20 in x 0.20 in]
  • Accuracy: ±2 %FSS typical
  • SPI- or I2C-compatible digital output
  • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated over a temperature range of 5°C to 50°C [41°F to 122°F]
  • Available in a wide variety of standard and configurable force ranges
  • Overforce: 3X force range
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 Vdc typ. or 5.0 Vdc typ.
  • Low power consumption: 14 mW
  • Enhanced part-to-part repeatability
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Stable, stainless steel sphere interface
  • Internal diagnostic functions available
  • REACH and RoHS compliant



Medical: Infusion pumps, ambulatory pumps, enteral feeding pumps, kidney dialysis machines

Industrial: Load and compression sensing, touch panels, switch replacement, robotic equipment, weight measurement, force/grip measuring equipment