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Limitless™ switches are based on a simple idea - applying the power of cutting-edge wireless technology to the expertise and resources of Honeywell Sensing and Control. We've been developing top-shelf heavy-duty switch solutions for more than 75 years. Is it any wonder we are the first company to deliver a state-of-the-art wireless switch solution?

We call the products Limitless™, because they're designed to truly expand possibilities. From industrial designers who will be free to envision new equipment innovations, to front-line users who will find there are no boundaries to staying operational and efficient. With the Limitless™ series of switches, we're cutting the cord, both literally and figuratively. We're inviting you to dig deeper, work smarter, even soar higher - not tethered to the old ways of working.

The Limitless™ switches eliminate the need for maintenance of your equipment's wiring. Because there is no actual wiring to install, no wear-and-tear to mend, no frayed cord to ever replace. Which interprets into a better bottom line and increased uptime.

Limitless™ Product Portfolio

Limitless™ Switches

Limitless™ Operator Interface

Limitless™ Monitors and Receivers

The Limitless™ Series of switches is based on 802.15.4 point-to-point communications and can be configured to allow potentially up to sixteen devices to communicate with one receiver module. The products are based on Honeywell's proven harsh-duty and medium-duty limit switches. They have the same mechanical life, temperature ratings, and sealing as standard switches, but they're wireless. Wireless functionality is implemented through an 802.15.4 open protocol RF board operating in the 2.4 GHz globally license-free frequency band. The wireless signal is received by either a panel-mount receiver, or an industrial DIN-rail module, that converts it to an output. Outputs can be LEDs, buzzers, or electrical signals. The capability also exists to provide CAN, ProfiBus, and standard Ethernet communications.