MICRO SWITCH™ Safety Switches CPS Series

Featured Product from Honeywell Sensing & IoT

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Keeping industrial automation equipment operating safely and efficiently, while meeting all safety standards is a key concern of OEMs and end-users alike. From factory floor to assembly line, Honeywell's MICRO SWITCH™ safety switches deliver both long lasting reliability and safety in a compact, cost-effective package.

Honeywell's CPS Series of Cable Pull Safety Switches are designed to provide a readily accessible emergency stop signal, especially for emergency stop protection for exposed conveyor line.

This is a cost-effective means compared to using multiple emergency stop push buttons.

(Cable Pull Safety Switches are not, however, to be used as a means of personnel safeguarding. They may be used to prevent further injury or damage to equipment when used for emergency stop signaling.)

The internal mechanism latches on both slackened cable (push) and pulled cable. This capability enhances productivity by eliminating nuisance stops due to variations in temperature, stretch of cable over time, and other application variables.


  • 1CPS single head for single span - for cable runs up to 76 m [250 ft] or shorter
  • 2CPS dual head for dual span - for cable runs of 152 m [500 ft] or shorter
  • Longer spans are possible depending on temperature change and installation
  • Direct opening action of NC (normally closed) contacts if emergency occurs
  • Easy to identify tripped switch in emergency
  • Highly visible status indicator
  • Gold-plated contacts available
  • Rugged, die-cast zinc housing with red body color for easy identification
  • Easy wiring and installation
  • Simple set-up
  • UL listed, CE compliant, SIL 3 capable
  • Custom options possible - contact Honeywell to discuss your needs


  • Long conveyor systems found in warehouses and distribution centers
  • Conveyor systems having a high amount of vibration
  • Conveyor systems that experience wide temperature swings
  • Long conveyor systems where easy through wiring, or highly visible trip status is required
  • Hose down conditions
  • Packaging equipment
  • Assembly lines