MIP Series - Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Featured Product from Honeywell Sensing & IoT

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The MIP Series offers a heavy duty, media-isolated pressure transducer in a compact, stainless steel construction for use with a wide range of media including aggressive fluids and water. The MIP Series provides a cost-competitive solution for wide-ranging potential applications in tough environments.

Value to Customers

  • Total Error Band (TEB) ±0.75 %FSS Full scale Span) from -40°C to 125°C: Provides true measurement performance over the compensated temperature range; small error promotes system uptime and efficiency.
  • EMC performance: Operates reliably in the presence of electromagnetic fields, such as wireless signals, RF communication, and electrical devices.
  • Hermetically welded design supports almost any media without the use of an internal seal. The sensors are designed to be used in harsh environments that see aggressive media.


  • Diagnostics: Beneficial in applications where the sensor functionality and the need to know internal or external failure modes is critical.
  • Great customer value: Multiple configuration possibilities provide flexibility of use in the application with no up front NRE or tooling charges.
  • Durable: Provides the tough environmental capabilities needed, including long-term stability, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, external freeze-thaw resistance and EMC performance.


  • Industrial: pumps (water, hydraulic fluids), compressors (compressed air), process (food, beverage, oil, gas, steam)
  • HVAC/R: refrigerants (butane, propane, ammonia, CO2, R134A, R407C, R410A, R448A/Solstice N40, R32 and R1234ze, R1234yf, glycol plus water
  • Transportation: gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil, brake fluid, coolants, CNG
  • Medical: O2, N2, CO2, N2O, air