SL353 Series Digital Hall-effect Sensor ICs

Featured Product from Honeywell Sensing & IoT

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Honeywell has expanded its Hall-effect sensor portfolio with the new SL353 Series Micropower Omnipolar Digital Hall-effect Sensor ICs that promote energy efficiency and help reduce PC board space and manufacturing costs for the customer.

  • Energy efficient: Low supply voltage and a very low average current-the lowest in its class-help reduce power consumption and extend battery life
  • Micropower: Built-in timing circuitry turns the power to the IC on for a very short time-it is off for the balance of the period-significantly reducing the average current consumption
  • Omnipolarity: SL353 Series is designed to respond to either a North or South pole, simplifying installation and helping to reduce total system costs
  • High performance: BiCMOS IC design, a new Honeywell technology, makes it possible to add more performance and functionality while reducing the IC size (compared to bipolar technology)
  • Small package: SOT-23 subminiature packaging allows for use in smaller assemblies

The SL353 Series are small, versatile digital Hall-effect devices operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. They are designed for a wide variety of high-volume, cost-sensitive battery-operated applications including motion control, lid closure detection, presence-absence, metering, and displacement sensing applications. Both products are available in the subminiature SOT-23 surface mount package, and are supplied on tape and reel (3000 units per reel).